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About Excalibur Attorney Services

Excalibur Attorney Services was founded in September of 1991 in Santa Rosa, California by Julie Anne and her then husband. Since then, we have completed over a half million assignments–ranging from small and simple to large and complex– and securing clients such as:

  • California Department of Child Support Services

  • Cal OSHA Division of Occupational Safety & Health

  • Department of California Corporations

  • And many more


Julie Anne even secured a Federal Contract directly relating to the famous Erin Brockovich case, transporting waters samples from Needles to Riverside on a daily basis.

With over 65 years of legal support experience, our staff is eager and well-able to handle your assignment every step of the way.

Excalibur Attorney Services is a Veteran-owned company, currently headquartered in Riverside, California.

Our Mission is...

Julie Anne knows the best strategies to win! With a 1992 graduate of Empire College

School of Law and certification in the legal industry, she is well established in her game. 


Julie Anne and the Excalibur Attorney Service team don’t stop with mere service attempts, but investigates and reports back to their clients throughout the assignment, and is fully dedicated to staying on top of the game. 

It's our mission to get you the results you deserve.

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